Bring on liberation of the consciousness within this human form

bodyI would like to break two taboos,
1) The taboo against movements that aren’t part of a sport or formal dance
2) The taboo against sounds that aren’t components of verbal language.

It is healthy and, arguably, essential for many of us to make sounds and to move our bodies in all sorts of ways if we wish to maintain ease of breath and emotional fluidity.

Sometimes these sounds may be loud and these movements may be vigorous, so be it. Bring on liberation of the consciousness within this human form.

~ Lucy Elizabeth Elston

First posted on Facebook on Hymn to the Body

Yes! I’ve learned to allow for all sorts of noises while releasing trauma in meditation…it’s become second nature. One needs a safe place to do it, but it seems rather foundational to any deep healing process.

And yes, movement is key too…jerking around, shaking etc is very important in releasing trauma. People like Peter Levine and David Berceli talk about it all the time. I found that early on in my recovery from the insult of the drug withdrawal it happened spontaneously. The psychiatric drugs, besides causing physical harm, are also agents of trauma. So now as I do yoga and other body work I learn to listen and respond to how my body wishes to move so that it might heal. My yoga is by no means always silent either. Making noise is not generally encouraged in a yoga class. All the more reason to practice yoga at home too.

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