Between Heaven and Earth – Full Qigong Practice Session

Yesterday I did two posts on trauma and learning to heal from that through body practices. I talk about yoga and ecstatic dance in those posts. Qigong is another practice that can help profoundly.

I love that there is simply a huge multitude of methods to heal so that everyone can find what resonates and works for them personally. Of course that is a challenge for (some) professionals who always want to believe that what they have training in is what is appropriate for everyone. This is of course why the mental health system doesn’t work so well. I take great delight in the incredibly diverse healing body/mind.

I’ve been practicing Qigong from time to time lately and really love it too though I am very much a beginner still. It’s an incredibly powerful energy mover and so I do have to take it slow and carefully simply because it impacts the autonomic nervous system so profoundly and that is what is most impacted by the iatrogenic injury I’m healing from (psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome). Psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome is among other things also an incredibly traumatic event and therefore a lot of methods that help heal trauma also help heal this medically induced iatrogenic injury.

This video from a course on youtube from this website is really wonderful. The above video is a full practice session from the course that can also serve as an introduction to Qigong practice if you’ve not done it before. I did it this morning and feel incredible!

qigongThe above video is part of a comprehensive 12 week online qigong training course. See the full course here

This course has been offered on a ‘give freely, receive freely’ (GFRF) basis. You can make a voluntary payment in appreciation for the benefit you receive for this course on the Long White Cloud Qigong website. You can read more about GFRF here

In this course you will learn:

– To activate the eight extraordinary meridians
– Microcosmic and macrocosmic circulation
– To connect to the power of Heaven and Earth
– Awareness and cleansing of energy fields

I hope you enjoy the course!

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