“This is a brain injury situation”

I am sharing with you all today the words of my neuro psych doc who has been on this journey with me from the beginning. He’s one of my biggest fans who passes my blog onto shrinks of all stripes. I also attribute his influence being the catalyst that got me going on freeing myself […]

Psychiatric drugging of children — part 1 and 2

Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers in the US – Part I by Evelyn Pringle– The United States has become the psychiatric drugging capital of the world for kids with children being medicated at a younger and younger age. Medicaid records in some states show infants less than a year old on drugs for mental […]

Suicidal ideation gone…for a long time now

Something that comes up quite often in discussions with my friends and readers who have been on meds and have come off of them is how many of the “psychiatric” symptoms they were being “treated” for disappear upon discontinuation of the medications. This is widely known and experienced among those of us who have decided […]

The new drug of choice for children–Risperdal

From CBS news here is a video I could not watch because my wireless is screwed right now. Please let me know what it says. Here is a comment from an email group reporting on it: Just watched coverage on mainstream media (CBS Evening News tonight) of dangers of Risperdal to address behavioral problems in […]

Sometimes I don’t want to put on a brave face

In general I have a deep and abiding faith that I will get better, but sometimes I’m so damn sick I just want to die. NOW. This is not about being suicidal. I’m simply not suicidal. It’s about wanting the suffering to end. I probably have to repeat for the sake of clarity AGAIN, that […]