This is what it’s like to be chronically ill: Ken Wilber shares his experience

This sort of illness tends to be an up and down sort of thing. It can be very difficult to deal with and unaffected people rarely understand. I lately had a serious setback and I've learned it's not very pleasant to even talk about because people want you better so badly that they will invalidate the very real difficulties that we face all the time. … [click on title to read the rest]

An open letter about debilitating chronic illness (mine caused by psych med detox)

I found this written by a woman name Ricky Buchanan. I've discovered by creeping around the CFS and Fibromyalgia boards online that my day to day lived reality is like theirs. I am agnostic about giving myself such a label but I gain much support and don't feel as alone when I interact with people... Continue Reading →

The 39 psychotropic drugs I’ve taken

It's potentially dangerous to come off psychiatric drugs rapidly. For guidance in safer withdrawal methods see here. You think maybe something wasn’t quite right? This journey started the summer of 1985 and is about to end this summer of 2009. I have been withdrawing the past 5 years. Nothing ever did work and in retrospect... Continue Reading →

Inspirational words, good music and pretty images and a message from Gianna

For those of you on the west coast I'm posting this just after midnight on the east coast, so today is Sunday. My birthday is tomorrow. I have been pretty much crippled with pain and nausea the last few days. I have not been able to eat or spend anytime out of bed. Every time... Continue Reading →

The latest dish on the journey beyond meds

So what's happening in my journey lately? I'm finding it harder and harder to share as the issues become subtler and more personal simultaneously. I am trying to find the right person/people to help me on my journey. I already have several key players in place. Some have been in place a long time. My... Continue Reading →

Iatrogenic illness caused by mitochondrial damage—psychiatric drugs major culprit

An interesting abstract to an article: Since the first mitochondrial dysfunction was described in the 1960s, the medicine has advanced in its understanding the role mitochondria play in health and disease. Damage to mitochondria is now understood to play a role in the pathogenesis of a wide range of seemingly unrelated disorders such as schizophrenia,... Continue Reading →

Yes, gosh darn it, it is chronic fatigue!

Thank you to Marissa, author of "depression introspection" for pointing out this article on chronic fatigue from the New York Times, because yes, my previous post is all about what this article is talking about. For exactly the reasons stated in this article---the fact that people just don't get what chronic fatigue means, I rarely... Continue Reading →

I’d like to bitch for a moment

I'm tired. I can't drive except for very short distances and even that scares me---my freedom feels severely impeded. Sometimes my body feels like lead and I lay in bed for hours. Literally like lead and it even hurts my arm to hold a phone to my head or type on the keyboard. I'm tired.... Continue Reading →

Running out of steam—at least for now

My last personal update was tentatively optimistic. I don't like posting when I feel like shit, but frankly, I feel like shit most of the time. I am chronically ill. That's it. I said it. I have a chronic physical illness. It's no joke. It's seems undiagnosable and all I can attribute it to is... Continue Reading →

Still waiting to stabilize

Traveling any distance either within a time zone or out of one has become extremely difficult for me since about 6 months into my withdrawals and increasingly so. I don't really know why, but I stop sleeping and get all out of sorts. I've pretty much been out of commission and hence my presence on... Continue Reading →

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