A different shade of pink

I’m not going to California for now and I’m not going to talk about it.

I’ve had two wonderful days in the last four days. I’m a bit distracted from the ongoing misery of my brother and I’m damn glad about it. If I can just push it all into the recesses of my brain for as long as possible, I’m just fine with that.

My wonderful days involved only simple pleasures. First on Saturday I went to a (free) mineral show. Unless one has seen such an exhibition it is impossible to describe how wondrous it was. It’s crystals and stuff, yes, but oh so much more. These are “rocks” that look like landscapes from strange planets all over the universe. They are really awesome. I got a religious high out of it–the kind you get when hiking in Yosemite National Park. There were thousands of specimens and I had simply never seen the sheer volume of geological possibility. Endless colors and shapes. Bizarre color and shapes and formations that looked like they had to be man made they were so perfect in their dimensions or so flagrantly “fake” looking in their color. Some of the most stunning and rare specimens were at least 20,000 dollars–and there were lots of them. I bought a very beautiful assortment of 5-10 dollar rocks for all my nieces and nephews.

Anyway, enough–I know I can’t even begin to make someone understand so unless you’ve seen this stuff you just won’t get it and probably think I’m a bit nuts.

Then yesterday I visited a friend who six weeks ago took in a mother dog and her 8 pups. They were a week old at the time. At 7 weeks they are a happy herd of love. Oh! So much fun.

Then I went and bought me a fun hippy skirt. Pretty pinks and such. Very femme. Yay!

Okay. So I’m feeling kind of good. What a shocker.

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