Societal factors of depression and the popularity of psychiatry

Furious Seasons today calls attention to Bruce Levine’s Blog on the Huffington Post in a post called Psychologist Rips Psychiatry.

I broke a tooth last night and have to go to the dentist now. So that is what I leave with you today.

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  1. I don’t know how I broke it!! I just discovered it broken when it started shredding my tongue with its sharp edge!!

    I got it all fixed up…it’s like brand new. The weird thing is there was no decay. It was a completely healthy tooth the doctor said. Weird. But very good— that meant no Novocaine and no drilling. Painless!! and half the price of what it would have been had it been a bad tooth!!

  2. “In 2000, sociologist Robert Putnam reported: ‘Low levels of social support directly predict depression.’ Several studies show that people who have close friends, friendly neighbors, and supportive coworkers are less likely to experience symptoms of depression.

    ah ha!

    how’s the tooth? how on earth did you break it, gianna?

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