I’ve been saying this too—probably picked it up in the same neighborhood

Read Furious Seasons today to get a glimpse at the future now that antidepressants have been officially debunked. The future reads antipsychotics. This is a scary scary picture.

I might point out though, at least in America, the coverage on just how bad antidepressants are was rather scant. It was the British and international media that went crazy with it.

Once pharma is ready to launch the neuroleptics on us you can be sure we’ll be hearing the low down on the antidepressant front here too.

4 thoughts on “I’ve been saying this too—probably picked it up in the same neighborhood

  1. ha i do believe we all hang in the same bad kids on the block neighborhood according to Pharma LOL. i’ve been saying it too, i think it’s the most important thing for all Americans to really understand re: the anti depressant sugar pill story.


  2. I watched one of the media whores for BigPharma trying desperately to salvage the reputation of SSRI anti-depressants today.

    “Doctor Chris” [Steele] is the resident quack on the British daytime ITV chatshow, “This Morning”.

    The trash TV show has a target audience of the home alone mums, the unemployed, disabled, and retired.

    Doctor Chris, an affable goon, has done a 15 year stint on the show. From day one, his raison d’etre has been to circumvent EU rules which otherwise forbid the marketing of prescription drugs to the general public.

    Since the TV show has a regular audience running into millions, Dr C has, in effect, served as one of the leading Drug Reps to the nation.

    As he peddles the BigPharma propaganda, Dr C holds up the medicine packaging to the camera. The camera dutifully zooms in on the trade name, pausing steady and long enough for the viewer to memorise or jot down the name of today’s drug.

    The idea is that the viewer will then relate to the vague and ambiguous symptoms Dr C describes, before visiting his own doctor, demanding to be prescribed the advertised product.

    Dr C typically adds a narrative, probably fabricated, about some patient of his who he claims has benefited enormously from the said drug.

    Today was no different, except he decided to present himself as that patient, whose “own life was saved” by anti-depressants, he claimed.

    How strange that after 15 years on the show, he suddenly wanted to explain for the very first time how he himself has suffered from profound depression which has only ever been relieved by drug therapy. Fancy that!

    Things must be desperate for BigPharma and the SSRI industry!


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