Tired of Drug Ads On TV?

Fed up with TV ads that sell you the “good news” about prescription drugs but gloss over the shortcomings? Do these drugs actually work? And how common are those side effects?The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will soon decide whether these TV ads should include a toll-free number and web address where you can report side effects or other problems. The drug companies don’t like this idea. They don’t want their ads used to help identify potential problems with their products.

But if we have to watch these endless ads, we should at least be able to easily report to the FDA how these medicines really work! Add your name to the FDA petition here.

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  1. Great Post!
    I’m located in Canada and we get these ads constantly via the US channels that have cross over near all the boarders. My husband and I laugh constantly when we see them because half the time they don’t even talk about or give you an idea of what they’re for (ask you’re doctor if XXX is right for you” – Do people actually walk into the doctors and say ” I saw an add for XXX last night – is this something I need).
    Then there are the possible side effect after side effect – that they list – and people don’t think twice about taking it. If rectal bleeding, constant heartburn..ect were listed as a possible side-effect i don’t think i’d be taking it!
    Of course I can say this all now – as I’m trying to get of effexor and am horrified I was never told I would be made a priosoner and addict of the stuff (or that using it would cause me to gain 70+ lbs).
    I absolutely think the FDA should absolutley make a website or phone number where people can call in and tell their REAL experiences. My doctor doesn’t believe that EFFEXOR cases withdrawl symptoms or that it caused me to gain this weight – but if you search the web there are hunderds of thousands of post of people going through what i have. Perhaps NUMBERS could speak louder then words if everyone told the FDA their expeirences!
    I’ll be back for sure! Would love to read ALL the stuff you have on here!

  2. A while back there was a popular dance track with lyrics promoting the recreational use of a prescription-only medication.

    I figured it was subliminal illicit advertising, conjured up through the collusion of BigPharma, the recording studio, and the radio networks.

    It’s nothing new, many lyrics from the Beatles tracks contain references that promote narcotics. “Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds” (LSD) to name just one.

    The Beatles promotion of narcotics was guaranteed to generate huge bucks for those running the drug trade, or those behind its financing.

    The Beatles, and the Sex-Drugs-Rock’n’Roll era were part of the “manufactured counter culture” project which lives on today.

    On a technical level, that project which some dub the “Aquarian Conspiracy” was very much the handiwork of social psychologists working out of the Tavistock Institute in London, and similar places.

    All that was left to really get the 1960s Drug Trade roaring, was for the BBC state broadcaster and the few commercial networks, to promote their manufactured counter culture via the airwaves.

    The rest is history.

  3. “Directive 2001/83/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 November 2001 on the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use” states that…

    “Member States shall prohibit the advertising to the general public of medicinal products which:

    * are available on medical prescription only;
    * contain psychotropic or narcotic substances;…

    Of course there are various mechanisms for BigPharma to bypass this European legislation.

    Typically instead of promoting their products themselves, the drug companies use mental health “charities” as cut-outs to promote psychiatric drugs to the general public.

    One of those “charities” is the highly controversial mental health organisation called “SANE”.

    SANE was founded by Marjorie Wallace MBE, a highly unpopular figure and friend of the Prince of Wales.

    Wallace was formerly a gutter journalist for Murdoch’s Sunday Times newspaper.

    Wallace and SANE, receive millions each year from the drug companies.

    Wallace who is married to a shrink, has refused to say exactly how many millions she and SANE receive via drug company “donations” nor will she from which companies those donations are made.

    However, one former insider at SANE blew the whistle a few years back and revealed that the Sandoz Corporation had given Wallace around £400,000 in one donation alone.

    Shortly after that donation was received, SANE went big promoting Clozaril, the highly dangerous neuroleptic which can cause amongst many other iatrogenic disorders, “a potentially fatal AIDS-like wasting disease.”

    Clozaril is manufactured by Sandoz.

    Now Fancy that!

    Before any more revelations hit the media, Wallace rushed to the High Court and obtained a gagging order to silence the whistleblower.

    The anger at Wallace and SANE reached fever pitch with a “mad pride” march on Wallace’s HQ in London.

    It turned nasty and someone ploughed down Wallace with their car.

    Wallace remains unrepentant.

  4. Gianna,
    Thanks so very much for posting this. I think that these ad’s should be totally banned. I wish there was a way to get them off the air. They must be making money with the ad’s or I don’t think they’d be running them. I have added my name and my husband’s to the FDA petition.

    What also makes me PO’d are the pamphlets that the drug companies put out and are in open view in psychiatrists offices. It seems that the pdoc’s are pimps for these drugs. I’m sick of their damned photos of ecstatic people running through meadows on those pamphlets. Sometimes I’ve noticed that the bad side effects aren’t even listed in this type of advertisement.

  5. Cricket,

    I think you’re right – My own kids read right through it – how they rattle off the side effects, while the couple hold hands walking on the beach – may cause liver damage….etc….even my ten-year old is able to see the scam of it all…..

    Maybe some people want to believe in a quick fix – maybe that’s the biggest part of this problem – a need for instant gratification – as you mention, an ‘instant society’.

    I know Dr. Graham at the FDA (a great guy) has pushed to have these ads changed – Hopefully, it will get done.


  6. Remember back when it was considered inappropriate for doctors or lawyers to advertise? It has run amok in this instant society. And people actually believe those ads. Good thing is, I really believe a lot hear the cons and heed their fears.

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