My family—fun for the weekend

My second cat 14 years old….a little demon and huntress.
My first baby. 18 years old….an angel…
My energetic child….6 years old.

13 thoughts on “My family—fun for the weekend

  1. Gianna, your tabby looks exactly like my tabby!

    Maybe they are twins?

    It’s nice to see fun things on our sites. Working with bipolar and depression 24/7 can really knock the wind out of our sails, our fur babies balance our life out and help bring us back to earth.

    Thank you so much for posting.


  2. “the best picture is of the dog…the picture catches the best of her…alert and intelligent…

    … and therapeutic too!

    I get such a lift each morning, letting the dog jump on the bed for some serious pampering. It helps start the day on the right footing, in the best frame of mind!

    Screened yesterday on Britain’s Channel 4 was a fictional drama set in a North London psychiatric day hospital. The play is called Poppy Shakespeare and the storyline is based on the experiences of the author, Clare Allan, who spent a decade “in the mental health system”. I missed it but the drama has got good reviews. Hopefully it will find its way to the file-share networks soon.

    Clare Allan has a blog at the website of the progressive newspaper, the Guardian. It’s a good read. In one article, she recounts how her dog was a great therapy for her too.



  3. the two kitties expressions weren’t the greatest…I posted them when I wasn’t feeling very good and didn’t feel like taking some good pictures…it’s true….she can look like a bad ass…but certainly not always…and the other cat can look much sweeter…neither picture really captures their spirits

    the best picture is of the dog…the picture catches the best of her…alert and intelligent…


  4. beautiful…that first cat, the 14 year old, looks like a total bad-ass. (That’s a compliment, btw).


  5. They make for a lovely team!

    Our old tom cat, who decided to die on Christmas morning (sigh!), used to bring us regular mousey gifts.

    Once he’d dragged them through the cat flap and over the threshold, he soon tired of them. And so the little creatures settled in to domestic life about the house.

    One day, the toaster seemed a bit stiff. It wouldn’t click down. Overloaded with crumbs, so I though. I tipped it upside down, and out dropped the incinerated corpse of a large brown mouse!


  6. mmmm…my huntress brings in live mice and plays with them until they’re dead. I’ve saved one or two but it’s usually too late…

    The bloody partially eaten ones are the worst! Sorry about the hindquarters of the rat…


  7. & speaking of hunters — G-Kitty left a token of his esteem on the back stairs this morning: the hindquarters of a rat.
    Thanks G!


  8. Had a collie named Lance (full name was Sir Lancelot d’ Westminster) – actually, picked him up as a pup from Westminster, Texas – North of Dallas – near the Oklahoma border.

    He looked like ‘Lassie’ – many people assumed he was female….very obedient dog – very protective – great disposition…..

    He seemed to know how I was feeling better than I did. He would lay next to my bed on the floor every night. Except for nights when I was really depressed – then, he would lay his snout on the bed – up near my head…….He always seemed to instinctively know when times were rough for me…..

    He was a great dog – had him for ten years – my parents watched him while on our honeymoon in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He had an emergency intestinal problem while we were away.

    My parents had to put him down – still miss him.

    Thanks for sharing these photos –

    Animals are great – always been a dog lover –



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