Another ex-pharma rep comes clean

Nothing shocking or new here, but it bares repeating. From the Boston Herald.

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  1. The criminal trials I refer to are not for the gifts along the way, but the hidden data – the falsification of information regarding danger of these drugs, etc…..

    A good start, I suppose would be to make these gifts (bribes) illegal, and go after the small crimes as these laws are broken – because they will be……old habits are hard to break, and this will be a tough habit to control for drug reps out in the field…..

    Guilliani cleaned up NYC by going after graffiti and subway riders who didn’t pay for their rides….

    Arrests and fines for small things – like ‘gifts’ or bribes are a good start…..

    But, the top folks at Big Pharma need to be tried and convicted…..

    They are responsible for injury and death – out the roof….

    Enough of the civil trials – time for criminal ones…..


  2. Gianna,
    Well worth telling again and again! If everyone knew that this happens on a regular basis, maybe it would change things!


  3. thank you gianna,
    i agree this topic is always worth revisiting. keeping in touch with these issues is important…they so easily fade into the background and go on their merry way…

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