Probiotics and mental health

Probiotics are catching on in the mainstream as seen here in the Los Angeles Times. Why am I mentioning it here? What does it have to do with withdrawal and mental health. Everything. The first thing I did when I started researching natural care for mental health was come upon anecdotal evidence again and again... Continue Reading →

Ginseng helps certain symptoms of “schizophrenia?”

WebMd reports on a study done on Panax Ginseng that showed improvement of "negative symptoms" of schizophrenia. I often think that negative symptoms are caused by the neuroleptics. In any case, this may be of help to someone. It's refreshing that a site that is so heavily supportive of Big Pharma is writing about alternative... Continue Reading →

Brain technology—cognitive enhancement and neurofeedback

So my cognition has become so poor that after watching the video with Dan Rather on neuroplasticity I went straight to my neuro-psychologist to ask about software to help with my cognitive dysfuntion. Now my first thought when I watched the video was that it was evidence that the "mentally ill" brain can heal as... Continue Reading →

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