Ginseng helps certain symptoms of “schizophrenia?”

WebMd reports on a study done on Panax Ginseng that showed improvement of “negative symptoms” of schizophrenia.

I often think that negative symptoms are caused by the neuroleptics. In any case, this may be of help to someone.

It’s refreshing that a site that is so heavily supportive of Big Pharma is writing about alternative treatments.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    thanks for the suggestions…

    I recommend anyone who wants to use any supplements do their own research before using anything.

    It may be true that it’s completely safe to take Ginseng as Jeff says, but I have never studied it…

    I actually take Eleuthero which is a type of ginseng…I use it to support my adrenal glands….

  2. Mary,

    There are a couple different kinds of Ginseng. American, Siberian and Korean. Korean, Red or Panax is the kind you want to use. There is no problem using Ginseng with those drugs. Have him drink a cup of Ginseng tea once a day. Have him drink it when he is not taking his meds. If he gets a headache or has any other problems have him drink it every other day. Have him take a break for a week or two every couple of weeks.

  3. Mary,
    I’m sorry I don’t know enough about using ginseng in with schizophrenia…I put the article there just for information.

    I suggest you do additional research and/or ask your son’s psychiatrist if he feels it would be safe.

  4. my son takes zyprexa, propranolol, xanax and recently started paxil. He has a really hard time with the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Is ginsing ok to take with these meds? He always wanted to take ginsing and did when he was younger. He said it helped.

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