I have a pain in my heart

I've had a sensation of pain in my heart intermittently for years. It's become rather frequent lately and it radiates out from my heart chakra into my whole being. I've been confused by this sensation for years and now that it's stepped up quite a few notches I'm thinking about it a lot and I... Continue Reading →

More on trauma—John Breeding

Trauma is often the cause of supposed mental illness. John Breeding again offers wonderful commentary on this phenomena. Hundreds of thousands of people are misdiagnosed with mental illness when their issue is actually the experience of trauma and meds are not the answer, the expression and discharge of the pain is what is needed. That... Continue Reading →

A Natural History of Peace

Something different for a change. Not strictly mental health related but not entirely unrelated either. I bookmarked this piece ages ago because I loved it so much. I hope you enjoy. It's very long but well worth the read. It offers optimism for our species and also seems to support the emerging science of brain... Continue Reading →

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