More on trauma—John Breeding

Trauma is often the cause of supposed mental illness. John Breeding again offers wonderful commentary on this phenomena. Hundreds of thousands of people are misdiagnosed with mental illness when their issue is actually the experience of trauma and meds are not the answer, the expression and discharge of the pain is what is needed. That and lots of support and listening from others. Mindfulness as well is part of healing.

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  1. That’s great — I know my screener for my Cognitive Behavioral therapy study thought I definitely met the criteria for PTSD…
    But it’s also what I worry about for my son: I know things have settled down now, but I wonder how much of the earlier trauma & upheaval (the worst taking place when he was < 1 yr old, the “2nd phase” during the custody battle when he was 4 & 5) will crop up for him later…
    Undoubtedly my own struggles w/insomnia, chronic pain, etc are more symptomatic of anxiety disorder than depression…

  2. Gianna,

    This fellow-Texan hits the nail right on the head.

    Breeding has done more than anyone I can think of to protect some of the most vulerable – our children.

    Along with Strayhorn, he speaks up about the ‘off-label’ drugging of our kids.

    And, he holds nothing back – tells it like it is….

    This subject of trauma is so often overlooked – in fact, hardly mentioned in the pseudo-scientific biological model….

    Breeding has a special place in this world.

    If they gave out PhD’s in compassion, Breeding would be one of a handful who has earned the right to walk accross the stage and receive his diploma.

    Thank you so much for posting this.


  3. I found this to be helpful…thanks for sharing it…

    I’ve wondered if my depression was launched by an early trauma…one that lasted a period of years and happened from age 2 to 4 years of age. Add to that parents that basically shamed emotions and if you were ever angry or sad, you were made to go to your room…and be alone with it behind closed doors. (I know this is a common experience for most people…it seems to be the way a generation of parents thought it was appropriate to handle strong emotions such as anger, rage and sadness this way…Luckily this is changing it…I see the newer generation of parents helping their kids work through and make sense of, their emotions).

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