This is to all of us striving to become. We already are. I found this lovely song (video below) completely by accident today. It made me feel a little better. I'm very, very sad right now. I've been hurt by someone who was once a friend. I want people to know that once I've moved... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s post–no more disruptions–tightening up moderation

That last post exhausted me. Maybe it's just because I'm tired. I got my period last night, the pain of endometriosis keeping me awake all night and then dealing with the pain all day. As many of my supporters pointed out I am also mourning. I just want to say I'm going to be more... Continue Reading →

Update: latest very good news on my psychiatric drug withdrawal

I'm itching to write something and basically drawing a blank. It's been days since I wrote anything original. I figured I'd do a quick update on the withdrawal situation in a sort of stream of consciousness fashion. I am currently down to .25 mg of Risperdal, 77.5 mg of Lamictal and still at the high... Continue Reading →

Depression is not a disease

James Gordon who I highlighted here when he was interviewed for Newsweek, has now been interviewed on NPR. He claims, rightly so, as far as I'm concerned that depression is not a disease. Listen on NPR here. They have another psychiatrist for "balance" holding up big pharma's and general psychiatrys take on the issue, Dr.... Continue Reading →

Essential nutritional principles

Nutritional Know-how: Ten Essential Principles: By Dr. Alice Lee-Bloem --orthomolecular psychiatrist (published here with permission) There are thousands of nutritional companies each touting their products as being the best. The amount of information on nutritional supplements is overwhelming and almost impossible to navigate. In this maelstrom of options, it is important to follow a few... Continue Reading →

Happy Birds

This is from my friend Jayme's youtube channel Faces of Recovery. It's a great video that made me so happy the first time I saw it over a year ago I teared up. I hope you like it. I've been crazy busy. Packing a house on my own is quite a challenge as well as... Continue Reading →

Psych drugs damage ability to love/bond

Helen Fisher is an anthropologist who has looked at how antidepressants effect romantic love, falling in love and most importantly ongoing attachment. The conclusion being that the love response and the human instinct for attachment are profoundly messed up. Antidepressants don't just create sexual dysfunction, they wreak havoc with the whole emotional system that creates... Continue Reading →

Medicare Part D a boon for drug companies

Yeah the pharmaceutical companies are making a killing and we're still suffereing. Hundreds of thousands of Medicare recipients hit the "donut hole" where they become responsible for the next $3,000 dollars worth of medications. More coverage at Pharmalot. I wrote a few days ago that GSK would be paying for my drugs. Well, it turns... Continue Reading →

A man’s recovery and discovery of self-empowerment

My husband left today for at least 2 weeks and possibly more. Don't know that I'll be writing much or reading blogs too much in the next couple of weeks. I have lots more responsibilities than usual. I got a ton of boxes today and will start packing tomorrow. Plan to do a bit each... Continue Reading →

This is an all inclusive mental health blog

This blog is not for bipolar people only. Today I found out that someone who had been reading my blog didn't feel comfortable commenting because she does not consider herself bipolar. She may have been surprised to learn that I do not consider myself bipolar either. Though I say this again and again people do... Continue Reading →

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