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A friend sent me this today in an email saying it made him think of me—I just liked it. I think a lot of us can relate :

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying… “I will try again tomorrow” ~Mary Anne Radmacher

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  1. Doe

    Yeah, I like that one. It fits what I’ve been thinking about lately. Some people talk about being a “good enough” mother, rather than the perfect mother…since I”m not a mother, my version is a “good enough” person. I have this vision of this person I want to be—this very loving person…the sort of person that other people feel good around…you know these people…they are bright and smiley and warm and people tend to gravitate towards them like moths b/c it feels so good to be around their warmth. My role model is someone like Jimmy Carter…have you ever seen him move in a crowd of people? How he looks at everyone, treats everyone equally as warm whatever their “station” in life….and he is so noble and does such good work in the world.

    But of course I fall so short! I’m not much like Jimmy Carter at all. After my parents visit, I felt bad because I had wanted to be more like my vision of a “loving person”…instead I was a little muted…and on a couple of occasions, cranky and sharp. I had to lower my standards. I was “good enough” and I did what _I_ could, what I was capable of, to be a good host…I made their meals..took them to museums…made their room nice and comfortable…I think they actually had a good time…but I felt short of this very rosey vision I have in my mind of what a “loving person” looks like. So yes, your quote is comforting…and it does take a lot of courage just to try and be a half way decent person sometimes…and it’s heroic that we try, and that we want to be.


  2. Gianna,
    Great quote. I’ve actually quoted this woman before too. She’s an artist and inspirational speaker as I recall. Her quotes are amazing. And I agree with Jazz that she’s surely talking about us!



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