An apology is in order–update–read final comment

There has been a misunderstanding…I will write more tomorrow…to tired now…read the last comment, thanks.

I promoted in good faith a free web class, A Natural Approach to Treating Depression, being offered by Dr. James Gordon. His assistant Troy Centazzo, left a comment under the post in which I promoted the class saying:

Thanks so much for posting this info.

Jim (Gordon) wants to get this information out to as many people as possible, even if they can’t afford his book or attend one of his events. (emphasis mine)

To which I replied:

that is what I think is especially awesome about Jim…he wants to help people!!!

Most people with this sort of specialized knowledge cater to the rich and that’s a damn shame!!

thank him please…thank him very much.

Which is, obviously at this point a rather humiliating response on my part since the first “class” that was offered tonight was all of 6 minutes and shared absolutely NO helpful knowledge. Especially if one if privy to anything I write about on this blog. This “class” series was obviously about selling books and if you look at Troy’s comment probably also to get people to his “events.”

I also corresponded with another one of his assistants who told me registration for the “class” spiked after I promoted it on my site. And I can see by how many people clicked through to his site that, indeed, there was great interest in the class coming from my site.

And so I apologize for promoting a man who misled us only to sell books. I know some of you bought his book. I did not since I have so many books dealing with the same topics, but I was enthusiastic about learning something new or from a somewhat different perspective in his class. That seems not to be in the cards.

I have written to one of his assistants and called the other. If I hear something that unveils that I have been too quick to judge I will post and update, but for now I felt it important that I apologize to you all.

And I’d like to say, there is nothing wrong with wanting to sell books and I, in fact, thought that was part of his motivation. And that’s fine for those of us who can afford his book. But to blatantly mislead people to believe that they were going to get a real class without delivering such while also probably selling a lot of books to people enthusiastic to get the most out of the “class” as possible, is dishonest and misleading at best.

The population of people who are labeled depressed are repeatedly hurt and taken advantage of. I thought this man was different.

To view the “class” you can follow this link. Please tell us what you think!

I hope the book still has some good tips in it. It does seem to from the bits and pieces I’ve read about. You know I highlighted James another time on this blog, as well, when he was interviewed in Newsweek. He seems to truly have done some good work. Unfortunately, I think I should get a commission at this point but would feel dirty!

Anyway I’d rather have an apology or a really good explanation.


I got an email from Troy, which I’ve posted in the comment section. (followed by my own comments)

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  1. Dear Gianna,
    I couldn’t agree more. I, too, promoted the class on my blog, and I feel duped as well. I was so pleased to think that someone actually wanted to help people who are depressed instead of trying to sell a product and make a profit at their expense. What a disappointment!



  2. At least I thought I heard a doc say “depression is not a disease”….

    I would normally say those words were “worth the price of admission”….

    But, because it didn’t cost anything to hear a doctor say those words….

    I consider them “priceless”!



  3. Don’t worry about it. I just feel bad that you and Susan were duped, and your readers were duped as well.

    Can we tar and feather the author? Or make him clean our cats litter boxes?

    As for books- when mine gets published you can promote it!


  4. Val

    Well now I don’t feel so bad about missing the 1st class!
    (personal drama; private email forthcoming)
    But I’ve already got a stack of self-help books about half a mile high…
    [Pssst – can I make you a deal on some old Lucinda Bassett CD’s? ;-)]


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