Happy Thanksgiving


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  1. it is awesomely beautiful..I surfed through really tacky “thanksgiving” images for a long time to find it!! I was about to give up…but if you look up gratitude it shows up right away…and this picture is actually cropped…the original has a dark band at the bottom also saying gratitude…

  2. yeah, I wanted to credit it before saving it to my folder of favourite art (for inspiration). I want to redesign my website with that kind of look and colour scheme. I’m into wabi sabi.

    I’ve been having a bad day but am finding looking at this soothing. must be a subliminal message hidden in there, some sort of directive to not focus on the negative.

  3. well, I found it more easily this time…doing a different search and everywhere I see it, it’s also been stolen without credit…so I guess in some respects it’s in the public domain…

    anyway, I tried…

  4. actually I shamelessly stole it from google images and didn’t even look to see where it came from….

    not so good really…i call people on stealing my writing all the time…it took me forever to find it so I don’t know if I can find it again…

    if I have the time I’ll try so that I can give credit where credit is due!

    thanks for calling me out…I need to start doing that regularly.

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