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I had a dream this morning. My brother, who died a little more than a year ago, the only family member I felt a real connection to, came to me and held my hand. He said, “I thought you’d realize by now that this is how Nature works.” I responded, “I just didn’t think Nature would take so long.”

I woke up with the sensation of his hand still in mine.

The last dream I had with him in it was shortly after he died. He came to me and asked me for a ride to the airport so he could fly into the afterlife.

God, I love my brother.


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  1. Doug,
    that was cool…kinda like getting to hear you free-associate…

    yeah, screw what everybody thinks…I do and think all sorts of non-rational stuff I wouldn’t have done while I was drugged up…and yeah, some of it would be considered “magical” thinking too…but I don’t care…it’s a healing experience and being open to “irrational” interpretations of reality is a gift in my opinion.

    man, I pray now, daily along with meditating…I don’t even know who or what I’m praying to…I don’t care…it’s a method of seeking the truth and goodness…I ask that I may love, forgive, and I thank whomever I’m speaking to for all the good in my life. Practicing gratitude while praying can be very powerful.

    I’ve never prayed in my life!!


  2. I had a dream when I was seven where I was walking through a forest where I had this feeling like I was familiar with every leaf on every tree, and then I walked up to a house and opened the door and my mother was standing there, looking at me and not saying anything. When I woke up I had the feeling that I had had that dream many times before, but now I think I had the feeling that it actually happened, because I had a similar dream that was so real I thought it happened and I got mad at a friend (who in the dream told me he wasn’t my friend) and I had to talk to him about it to clear it up. I missed my mother and wanted to ‘go where she was’ as a child and later as I understood what that was that was also scary so I could never understand whether my dream was a good one or a nightmare or what. Last year I painted it in an art class I took with my wife and my friend said it looked like a nightmare. Oh another thing, I walk the dog in a park across the street which is where I have had my memories of my childhood come back over the last year as I have been actively trying to detox myself from the past, and last year after the ceremony we had for my mom I was walking down a rural road in Washington State and it occurred to me that the treeline was very different than in my dream! (i.e. there were all tall Douglas firs) and that I had NEVER seen a deciduous tree forest at the age of 7 and in fact the forest in the dream was like the one across from my house in Atlanta where I felt like I re-membered my mom after 40 years! Another thing was that while I was painting the dream they were playing a song from Cold Play called ‘caring is creepy’ that I associated with the time two years ago when I first starting thinking I should shake up the ‘reality’ I had been fed as a child. I have (or have had lately) a lot of those kind of ‘non coincidence’ experiences which my rationalist brother would call ‘magical thinking’ but WTF. I have learned that I need to express myself and not worry about what family and others think or feel about it.

  3. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. That was a true visit by him. When a dream is that real, and you remember it that vividly, you’ve received a visit, I truly believe. And your earlier visit about the trip to the airport, it’s so close to what my wife experienced it’s spooky. We were at the airport, and he was ready to board. He was perfect – he looked perfect, he was happy, confident, he was perfect.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  4. yes, my brother profoundly shaped me and gave me insight into myself that is still serving me today…he was older than me as well by 6 years…which though not as large a age difference as your brother, was still quite significant and he was my wise older brother…

    well, perhaps Froscha we could arrange a chat, huh? even if not across from one another at a table.

  5. Oh Gianna, I get this, truly. I lost my brother 16 years ago and he was the only one I felt truly like in my adoptive family. He was 18 years older than me and helped shape who I’ve become in many ways. I was aware when he died even though I was miles away, and felt his presence again when I graduated a few months later. I don’t usually tell people the story because it sounds kooky, and the kind of thing you’d expect from a, you know, head case.

    I wish we lived in the same place so we could tell each other about our special brothers over, what, decaffeinated tea?

    Warmest thoughts to you.

  6. Wow for your brother to feel so much peace and giving you the same comfort, he really was and STILL is a very a special person. His love and comfort!!!!!!! i??????? I wish i could bottle and give even a smalll dose to people within the “care system” how this alone could change EVERYTHING!!!! My sweet Thank You. Your so beautiful !! Take care, be good to you. Debs XxX

  7. Gianna:

    Thank you for sharing something so private and so precious. Your sharing provides a window into your soul, and that should free so many of those of us who suffer to do the same and realize how freeing it is and the healing that comes with it.


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