Neuroleptics for everyone

Satire by the gifted psychiatrist and scientist, turned poet:
Grace Jackson MD

Neuroleptics for Everyone

A disturbing American notion
Is the thought of a magical potion
Which improves every brain
Or cures all the insane
whether tablet or liquid or lotion

Though the drugs which were named “neuroleptic”
Are more apt to make men apoplectic
They are given these days
Because this is what pays
Be the patient obese or cachetic

Where they once were reserved for psychosis
Violent acts or just hallucinosis —
there’s a trend now emerging
which bears a quick purging
before uses include halitosis

“Tell your doctor your drugs have stopped working”
after all, there are more meds just lurking
what was once called Snake Oil
comes in bottles or foil
….and Big Pharma and Wall Street are smirking


This is, of course, a trend that has been happening for several years, but in the last few days there has been a slew of FDA approvals moving the trend out of just the realm of practice into the realm of so-called “evidence-based medicine.” We live in scary times.

More info on neuroleptics (antipsychotics) here.

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