NPR phone screener tells David Oaks it’s impossible to recover from schizophrenia

Problem is David Oaks, President and Founder of MindFreedom has recovered from schizophrenia. David Oaks from MindFreedom sent an email to the group list I'm on today sharing his experience when he called NPR today to try to be a guest caller on the show I mentioned in an earlier post today. What happended is... Continue Reading →

Is The U.S. Making The World ‘Crazy Like Us’?

On "Talk of the Nation"  (NPR) today: Author Ethan Watters thinks that America is "homogenizing the way the world goes mad." In Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche, he describes how American definitions and treatments of mental illness have spread to other cultures around the world. "[McDonald's] golden arches do not represent... Continue Reading →


Interesting articles and things to watch from the last few days: CME, Continuing Medical Education, at Stanford funded by Pfizer - Health Blog - WSJ -- Is a $3 million grant from Pfizer the answer to creating continuing medical education courses that are free of industry influence? Yes, according to Stanford’s med school. In a... Continue Reading →

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