Fascinating video on the nature of anger and thought

Marshall Rosenburg seems wonderful. I need to look into him more. I've known of his work for many years but not read it. He is the founder of Nonviolent Communication. There is a place beyond rightness and wrongness, I'll meet you there. -- Rumi

Creativity: A Crime Of Passion — creative children are often those who are called difficult

First, teachers were asked if they valued creativity and enjoyed working with creative students, and they overwhelmingly answered "yes". Next, they were asked to look at their own students and rate them on a variety of traits, ranging from highly creative traits, such as being determined, independent, individualistic, impulsive, and likely to take risks, to traits that are associated with low levels of creativity, such as peaceable, reliable, tolerant, steady, and practical. After they rated their students on these traits, they were asked to rate them from their least favorite to most favorite students. Interestingly, there was a significant negative correlation between the degree of creativity of the student and his favorable rating by the teachers. This means that the most creative students were the least favorite of the teachers, across the entire sample surveyed.

Neurofeedback and psychiatric drug withdrawal

My drug withdrawal journey started when I began neurofeedback which helped tremendously for 3 years. For whatever reason my situation became to complicated and I needed to seek other help, but I know what neurofeedback did for me initially was nothing short of a miracle. I got off an antidepressant in 5 weeks and continued... Continue Reading →

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