Judi Chamberlin — Always With Us

Movement visionary and activist firebrand Judi Chamberlin will always be with us in spirit. She was a longtime friend and will be deeply missed. She recently wrote: I don't believe in an afterlife; I think when I die it will just be a return to the same nothingness as before my birth. I believe that... Continue Reading →

Happy MLK day to all the creative maladjusted

“This hour in history needs a dedicated circle of transformed nonconformists. Our planet teeters on the brink of annihilation; dangerous passions of pride, hatred, and selfishness are enthroned in our lives; and men do reverence before false gods of nationalism and materialism. The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the... Continue Reading →

Value of depression — Al Galves

The below article is a submission by Al Galves. I'm honored to have him as a guest writer. Al Galves is a retired psychologist who lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He is the author of Lighten Up. Dance With Your Dark Side. You can find him on his website here. His email address is:... Continue Reading →

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