More On Open Dialog

For my original piece see here; for Marian's response go here And this is my latest response: Hi Marian -- I agree with your excellent insights and cautions here about Open Dialog. As you point out, there is great peril working with families; I do believe that, sometimes but not always, the healing and recovery... Continue Reading →

Diary of a psychiatric survivor — on Lunatic Fringe

Today's post on Lunatic Fringe is well worth reading. Here is a teaser with just the beginning of a very interesting article: Elyn Saks, University of Southern California Law Professor and prominent “schizophrenic”, recently gave an interview to the magazine Scientific America. Her interview was titled Diary of a High Functioning Person with Schizophrenia. I thought... Continue Reading →

Response to Will’s piece on Open Dialog on “Different Thoughts” blog

On Marian's blog we see another perspective: Will writes in his piece at Beyond Meds that he is "leaning towards championing open dialog alongside soteria as a viable model we all should learn from." Here is, in short, why I for one lean towards championing Soteria above Open Dialogue. (go to Marian's blog to read... Continue Reading →

Richard Bentall in the Washington Post

I love that he's getting so much coverage! From today's Washington Post: Recent decades have seen dramatic improvements in the survival rates of patients suffering from heart diseases and cancer. But the same cannot be said of psychiatric disorders. So far as we can tell, outcomes for patients suffering from the most severe forms of... Continue Reading →

Open Dialogue — Alternative Care for Psychosis In Finland Developed By Jaakko Seikkula

By Will Hall Over the past two decades, Dr. Jaakko Seikkula's hospital team in Finland has advanced and refined “Open Dialogue,” a family and social network approach to first episode psychosis care, and this way of working has garnered widespread attention for dramatically improving outcomes. Open Dialogue de-emphasizes US-style pharmaceutical intervention and instead establishes a... Continue Reading →

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