DSM5 medicalizing grief in the New York Times today: Good Grief

The DSM moves towards officially pathologizing grief and bereavement. The practice of doing so, is, of course, not new. Lots of people already begin their journeys on psych meds as a result of a death or loss that is then medicated. This is an important enough issue to bring up again even though NPR did... Continue Reading →

Sitting on the razor’s edge

We start with ourselves. We make ourselves right or we make ourselves wrong, every day, every week, every month and year of our lives. We feel that we have to be right so that we can feel good. We don't want to be wrong because then we'll feel bad. But we could be more compassionate... Continue Reading →

Research is for drug development not prevention almost always

A friend, Lynnora Geoghegan, sent these thoughts to me about the below article on drug research for Alzheimer's. I got permission to share here and hence have a little post. This research is for drug development, not for preventative Alzheimer's care, or insight into why or how it occurs. The incestuous nature of governmental health... Continue Reading →

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