Bereavement and grief to be pathologized and “aggressively treated” in the new DSM

Is emotional pain necessary? They might as well ask do we care to continue being human. This trend of pathologizing pain and making it wrong will be the end of us if we don't do something to stop it. It is our subtle and lovely ability to feel that allows for all the beauty and,... Continue Reading →

Something to try for insomnia…

This has helped me with my post-withdrawal induced insomnia. It takes people many months and sometimes years to regain a natural sleep cycle after discontinuing psychiatric medications. This is a non-invasive and safe thing to try. This is a post I shared on some of the benzo boards. I found out that others on the... Continue Reading →

Neuroplasticity, black and white thinking and more ruminations on the DSM5: Monday news and blogs

I've posted about Dr. Norman Doidge before. His work is worth looking at again. The Brain: Changing the adult mind through the power of plasticity - The thinking about the adult brain at the time echoed the physical state of this inanimate, three-pound organ from a cadaver. It was thought to be static, fixed... Continue Reading →

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