Electronic tagging of mental health patients: the UK, ahead of us on this one

Good lord, read about it here, the NHS government website. Cut and pasted below in full as this is news that belongs in the public domain. If you don't automatically think "civil and human right violation" there is something wrong with you. South London and Maudsley Hospital is trialling tracking of mental health patients. The... Continue Reading →

My communication limitations

I continue to not be able to read much, nor correspond, except lightly with those who understand how impaired I am.  I communicate mostly with close friends and very occasionally with people who publish on the blog. If people are unable to understand my severe impairments I cannot continue communication and this seems to confuse... Continue Reading →

Broad Review of FDA Trials Suggests Antidepressants Only Marginally Better than Placebo: the official literature finally starts to say what we’ve known for many years

Except if you read the details it's pretty obvious that most often people would be better off with placebo, considering how many people end up with long-term withdrawal issues if they remain on these drugs. Robert Whitaker busted this story a while ago in two parts.. The medical field is slowly following with admissions of... Continue Reading →

Foodstuff, what’s good for you, food as medicine: news and blogs

A couple of good foods to eat... Cinnamon Extracts May Reduce Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease, Study Suggests -- Science Daily A study led by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) chemist Richard Anderson suggests that a water soluble extract of cinnamon, which contains antioxidative compounds, could help reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and... Continue Reading →

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