Finding refuge (even, perhaps) in chaos

The Edge of the Wild Buddhist practice is not about forcing ourselves to be natural. It is about being ourselves. When we take the vows of refuge, we are also pledging to find the refuge that exists within our own lives. This taking of refuge is not some kind of evasion or escape, but is... Continue Reading →

Making a killing, Carl Elliot’s piece in Mother Jones — a death at the hands of a pharmaceutical drug trial

Here are excerpts of two of the many articles covering the Mother Jones piece by Carl Elliot. You can get access to it here. I found it very hard to view and so I've not read the whole thing. I've been familiar with this story about Mary Weiss and her son for a long time... Continue Reading →

Positives About Withdrawal

This is an excerpt from Benzo-Wise: A recovery companion -- by Baylissa Frederick who operates the website Recovery Road that has many resources for successful withdrawal and recovery from benzos. Baylissa is one of my greatest inspirations and has written other inspiring and healing posts on this blog too. It is good to keep remembering... Continue Reading →

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