Fibromyalgia and bipolar linked–but it’s the medications that cause the pain in a large number of people and that fact is completely neglected

July 2013: Update: I've learned and come to understand quite a lot more about the this now. See: Protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome, chronic illness, CFS, Fibromyalgia. Yeah, they all have things in common. Fibromyalgia and bipolar being associated with one another and it's undeniable that people with both diagnosis are common. What is not... Continue Reading →

Training Opportunity in Open Dialog

Open Dialog, the Finnish treatment approach for psychosis that has extremely high success rates without medication, is beginning to grow in the US. This is an opportunity to get training from the founder at a retreat center in New Mexico; it's expensive, and space is limited so it's by invitation, but if you are interested... Continue Reading →

Pharma news this week: dominance of pharma marches on in spite of tons of news about how crap it all is. How does that happen?

So much for those of us doing the sort of work this blog does. The dominance of pharma marches on. More mental disorders treated with drugs only | Reuters More Americans with psychiatric conditions are being treated with drugs alone compared with a decade ago, while "talk therapy" -- either by itself or in combination... Continue Reading →

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