Ten months drug free

Being mostly housebound means:

  • I’ve not had my teeth cleaned professionally in over 3 years.
  • I’ve cut (read hacked) my own hair for 2 years…

the list goes on and on but those two things I sorely need and miss…most other things I can’t do I don’t even miss anymore. Priorities change drastically when ones life is within four walls.

I’ve tried to find ANYONE to do either service at home. I did get someone in August two years ago for a haircut, but haven’t been able to get someone since.

It’s very hard to get services in the home and in fact it’s ILLEGAL for a dental hygienist to come to my home on her own…

What I do miss, though, is contact with other human beings in the flesh and talking, any talking in person or on the phone. I generally only see my husband and talking is difficult with him too. Phone calls are a rare treat I pay for after the fact. They take all I have.

Believe it or not I don’t regret doing this. My mind is lucid and clear and even if I can’t communicate in normal ways anymore having it be clear is priceless and makes everything worth it. I would not go back in time…I only hope I get through this to a place where I can live a life that is more normal and less difficult and painful. Healing takes time.

Last full moon with ambient light

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