Behind the Walls part 1: Ireland’s psychiatric hospitals, yesterday and (part 2) today

Had this scheduled to post in the middle of the night, but then thought perhaps it might get pulled for copyright infringement so I’ll share it now while it’s up.

‘Behind the Walls’ is a two-part documentary series charting the history of Ireland’s psychiatric hospitals. Part one lifts the lid on this vast system – during the middle decades of the 20th century, Ireland led the world in locking up more of its people per capita in mental hospitals, ahead even of the old Soviet Union.

This documentary reveals damning evidence of appalling conditions within the hospitals, information which was kept secret by the State. It also tells the remarkable story of Hanna Greally, locked up for almost 20 years, but who emerged to write about her experiences in the 1970s, becoming one of the very few to chronicle her experiences behind the walls.

Part 2 of this documentary which is not yet available on youtube and cannot be watched in the USA features my dear friend Grainne and her ex-partner John who’ve both been featured on this blog many times.

The sad fact is that people are still locked up even today and that is the story Grainne shares. If you’re in Ireland and perhaps Europe (I’m not sure) you can view part 2 now here)

If and when part 2 comes available on youtube I’ll share that here too.

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