A note to my readers

I’m continuing on with my transition and break from the politics of mental health.  I’m writing less for the blog and doing other things as directed by my intuition that I might continue healing. It continues to feel necessary and healthy and it’s an adventure because I’m never sure where I’m headed. The trajectory continues towards wellness. Spring is always an exciting and creative time of year for me and it’s come early this year. Last year at about this time I took a complete break from the blog for some time and that may happen again.

As the subject matter of daily postings continues to change with my interests I am also continuing to work on making the  archives more accessible via the drop down menus above so that they might be more easily navigated. 

Because I’m adding to the menus pretty much all the time, it’s worth revisiting them from time to time. So look to the top of the blog and move the cursor over the menu headings to see what’s been added since you last looked. 

Lastly an apology to (some) of you with readers and feeds that pick up my editing of the archives. In arranging them that they might show up in the drop down menus I have to republish them and some feeds pick that up…showing old posts as if they were new.  On some days that can be a whole lot of posts showing up in the feed. This is because I changed my URL. I’m sorry for all the noise in your feed on the days I am doing such work. In time that should stop happening with the same amount of frequency.

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