Herbed, cream of cauliflower soup

This was a very easy soup to make since I did it the lazy way and didn't sauté the veggies first save the garlic. I simply coarsely chopped up all the veggies and tossed them into bone stock.  This is a large soup as I like to freeze some for later. It can be made... Continue Reading →

Does organic always equal healthy? Today is #foodie Friday…

This is why I generally stick to completely unprocessed foods. Highly processed "organic" foods are still likely to be chalk full of crap.The so-called health food industry does not care about us...they care about making money so they will do what they can to sucker us into buying all manner of additives and ingredients that are no good for us.

A Sane Approach to Psychiatric Drugs

Millions of people believe that psychiatric medications have saved their lives, while millions of others report that their psychiatric medications were unhelpful or made things worse. All this can result in mutual disrespect for different choices.

Don’t surrender your lonliness so quickly

Don't surrender your lonliness so quickly, let it cut more deep; let it ferment and season you as few human or even divine ingredients can; something missing in my heart tonight has made my eyes so soft my voice so tender my need of god absolutely clear. ~hafiz~ -- Another post on what can be... Continue Reading →

Schizophrenia: A drop of sunshine

It may be one word, but it immediately conjures up multiple connotations - mad, incurable, violent, suicidal, chemical imbalances, crazy, a lifelong condition, an inevitable dependency on Medicines.

Healing bath: for anyone who hurts or simply needs to relax

It can ease muscle and other bodily soreness and pain as well as anxiety or tension of most kinds. This is also good before bed to relax before sleep

Inviting our suffering onto the dance floor

When we no longer ostracize, condemn, or neglect our suffering, but invite it onto the dancefloor with us, we are on track, however stumbling or sloppy our steps may be. Then we are relating to, instead of from, our suffering; we are apart from yet not cut off from it. Then it’s no longer just another unpretty face, but something that we can communicate with, touch, penetrate, gaze into, bring closer....

Creating Connections through Dialogue

Lovely, inspiring, educational and profound montage of video footage from the "Creating Connections through Dialogue" conference. This is a repost because I found it so inspiring the first time around. I know lots of readers don't watch the videos...I highly recommend this one.

Immune disorder and inflammation and gut health….implications for many folks total well-being

This article I'm excerpting from below is talking about a topic in reference to that which gets labeled autism, but the subject has implications for anyone with auto-immune issues as well as many sorts of phenomena that get labeled mental illness. As holistic beings this is with some frequency part of the picture that must be addressed for total well-being. I've been writing about diet and nutrition and healing the gut all with an emphasis on minimizing inflammation and how that is important for many people with psychiatric labels since the inception of this blog. This information is not new. It's new to the mainstream. It's been largely dismissed as "WOO." But now the New York Times is finally on getting on board. It's quite interesting to see how these ideas get (tentatively) introduced at these large publications. The fact that the implications here are much larger than they touch on should be noted. An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism

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