Good food highlight: Kale and the Immune System

I know a lot of kale eaters...but apparently the typical American eats only 1 cup a year...I eat easily that much every couple days at certain times of year...

Weight loss and diet after withdrawing from psychiatric medications

Since my marathon 6 year withdrawal process from a large cocktail of psychotropic drugs (some of which are notorious for weight gain) I've lost 56 lbs of the 100 or so pounds I need to lose. I've mostly stabilized at this weight and I wonder if I will continue losing or not. Weight and obesity in general are very complex issues and once a body gets set at a higher weight, significant weight loss is largely (statistically) impossible. This is documented by the scientific data, but it doesn't stop consumers from spending tons of money on bogus weight loss products and gimmicks. Now that statistic is only that: a statistic. I don't think that everyone fits neatly into statistics, but by and large with the current most popular methods to lose weight, people will not keep it off.

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