Direct experience of life: the true source of wisdom

The vast body of literature, in every domain, is composed of hand-me-down ideas. The question — never resolved, alas! — is to what extent it would be efficacious to curtail the overwhelming supply of cheap fodder. One thing is certain today — the illiterate are definitely not the least intelligent among us. If it be... Continue Reading →

Generation Food Project

Lots of films about food these days...mostly critiquing how bad our food industry and unsafe our food has become. This movie is a little different and looks at the solutions people are coming up with. Normal people like me and you. We add to our food garden every year and buy from local farmers as much as possible. What are you doing?

Make your own Kombucha! #foodie Friday

A #foodie Friday post. Updated NOTE: I discovered I have a histamine intolerance and fermented foods and beverages like Kombucha are out for me now. Boo hoo...I LOVE any case...enjoy if you've not got a histamine issue! I include this updated note for those who also have histamine issues and perhaps learned about the... Continue Reading →

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