Schizophrenia: A drop of sunshine

It may be one word, but it immediately conjures up multiple connotations - mad, incurable, violent, suicidal, chemical imbalances, crazy, a lifelong condition, an inevitable dependency on Medicines.

Healing bath: for anyone who hurts or simply needs to relax

It can ease muscle and other bodily soreness and pain as well as anxiety or tension of most kinds. This is also good before bed to relax before sleep

Inviting our suffering onto the dance floor

When we no longer ostracize, condemn, or neglect our suffering, but invite it onto the dancefloor with us, we are on track, however stumbling or sloppy our steps may be. Then we are relating to, instead of from, our suffering; we are apart from yet not cut off from it. Then it’s no longer just another unpretty face, but something that we can communicate with, touch, penetrate, gaze into, bring closer....

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