Rest in peace my sweet little Pippin

Pippin 2002 - 2012 Our pets lives and deaths are reminders of the nature of impermanence. So much joy they give us, I want to now celebrate that and not the last part of her life which was so difficult after she went blind. Pippin has been with us since we moved to North Carolina.... Continue Reading →

Shamanic consciousness and the modern psyche

When it comes to understanding the psyche it's often helpful to use many different models. These are posts that deal with it from a shamanic interpretation or similar.

We want to be seen exactly as we are…

It is an innately human desire to want to be seen, moreover to be seen exactly as we are. More strongly, to be loved exactly as we are. Seeing something as it is and accepting it with our whole heart IS love. This drive is universal. We all come from the same energy that sprang... Continue Reading →

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