We want to be seen exactly as we are…

It is an innately human desire to want to be seen, moreover to be seen exactly as we are. More strongly, to be loved exactly as we are. Seeing something as it is and accepting it with our whole heart IS love. This drive is universal. We all come from the same energy that sprang from the big bang, and it all holds with it the same drive. To be seen, to be seen as it is. To be loved, to be loved as it is. This is why the whole point of this existence is to finally see the universe as it is. We’re here to “Wake up” it has been stated many times, what we’re waking to is simply what is. To finally see the universe as it is and love it with our whole heart. That is the purpose of human consciousness, and the driving force of our existence. — by Mark Pifer from Anywhere But Here

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