If your bliss is just your fun and your excitement, you’re on the wrong track

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It’s true!! My journey may not always be fun at this juncture, but it sure as heck is my bliss!

‎I have a firm belief in this now, not only in terms of my own experience, but in knowing the experiences of other people. When you follow your bliss, and by bliss I mean the deep sense of being in it, and doing what the push is out of your own existence – it may not be fun, but it’s your bliss, and there’s bliss behind pain too.

You follow that and doors will open where there were no doors before, where you would not have thought there’d be doors, and where there wouldn’t be a door for anybody else. There’s something about the integrity of a life. And the world moves in and helps. It really does.

And I think the best thing I can say is to follow your bliss. If your bliss is just your fun and your excitement, you’re on the wrong track. I mean, you need instruction. Know where your bliss is. And that involves coming down to a deep place in yourself. — Joseph Campbell in The Hero’s Journey

This also made me think of an old post which I will share below again as I really love it too. It’s not exactly the same thing since the word bliss is used in different ways, but it’s still similar.

It may seem shocking to say it but here it is.  All feeling is bliss.  All feeling.

“I feel depressed.  That is not bliss.”  Are you so sure?  Is the essence of depression so very different from that of elation?

Depression is a point on a spectrum or continuum of affectivity.  It is energy channelled in a certain way.  It only needs a change of course and voila! the same energy is open and joyous and free.  This is something about which I can personally speak with authority.  How this can happen is another question, which I will not try to answer here, because there is no single answer for everyone. read the whole article here

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Books by Joseph Campbell

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