‘mad’ identity, medication, co-optation, mom etc.

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Malingering Normal

Lately I’m even more unsettled than usual in conversations about the politics and practices surrounding ‘madness:’ talk where I might occupy any number of roles including doctoral student, nascent researcher, counseling and psychotherapy practitioner, family member, ‘survivor’, ‘service user’, ‘mad’ person, friend. You name it.

What follows will be in three parts:

  • Some thoughts and questions on these issues.

  • An edited transcript of a recent discussion with my mother on this topic.

  • An excerpt from a recent list serv exchange I was in, also on this topic.

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Placebo effect! It’s our inherent capacity to HEAL. Let’s stop denigrating it

I'm always astounded when the placebo effect is talked about as though it were a nuisance...it's such an incredibly and sadly closed minded way of seeing things. Of course we need a new name...that makes it central...we are healing machines! Here's an interesting video about the placebo effect. What is most interesting is that the placebo effect is actually getting greater over time as scientists observe it. Our capacity to heal ourselves is getting GREATER! I love this. And as the video says, this may undermine the pharmaceutical companies. Oh, no! … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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