Placebo effect! It’s our inherent capacity to HEAL. Let’s stop denigrating it

I’m always astounded when the placebo effect is talked about as though it were a nuisance…it’s such an incredibly and sadly closed minded way of seeing things. Of course we need a new name…that makes it central…we are healing machines!

Let’s stop denigrating the placebo effect and learn how to HARNESS it. We need to learn how to consciously apply it.

Here’s an interesting video about the placebo effect. What is most interesting is that the placebo effect is actually getting greater over time as scientists observe it. Our capacity to heal ourselves is getting GREATER!

See: Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers and Scientists want to know Why.

I love this.

And as the video says, this may undermine the pharmaceutical companies. Oh, no!

Disclaimer: I’m not one for conspiracy theories and the video veers toward supporting such thinking. Still the bulk of information is correct even if the interpretation goes a little conspiracist.

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