The TED talk: Eleanor Longden — the voices in my head

She did it! And now it's available for viewing! She learned to listen to her voices and now asks anyone (who might end up in the mental health system) not "what is wrong with you" but WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? Yes, what happened to you?

We can be AWARE. We can wake-up. We can heal ourselves and our psyches.

Why is it assumed that people need remain unaware of their physiological experience? This is exactly what meditation can attend to. It's called "mindfulness" for a reason. It's entirely possible to become aware of our bodies, minds and psyches. The fact that many of us are asleep does not mean we cannot wake up! This sort of knee-jerk conclusion that determines we are helpless in the face of all our physiology strips people of their inheritance. We can be AWARE. We can wake-up. We can heal ourselves. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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