The rat-race is dark and empty…

Most Americans have a dull sense that their lives are fundamentally “off”—because for the most part, they are. They hate their lives, but to get through the day, besides taking Prozac and consulting their cell phone every two minutes, they talk themselves into believing that they want to be doing what they are doing. This is probably the major source of illness in our culture, whether physical or mental....

This is it. Pay attention.

Oh, yeah. As soon as I stopped thinking and believing that I'd "lost" most of my life to drugs, to iatrogenesis etc, was when I really started healing. There is joy in the darkness and there are answers in the confusion if you look. Life is amazing and it's amazing whether you're kicking and screaming and resisting it or if you're embracing it and loving it. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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