Let’s make “MAKE ME NORMAL” happen!

An email from Mitch the director and producer of the film. If you can't contribute monetarily you can pass the info on to others who might be able to. Happy Sunday! Live from shooting in Detroit, exciting news! With just 4 days left on our Indiegogo campaign, a "MYSTERY DONOR" has pledged $10,000 to MAKE ME NORMAL ($6500... Continue Reading →

Twitter lets loose with the Dear Mental Health Professionals hashtag #DearMentalHealthProfessionals

WOWEE...check out the Dear Mental Health Professional Hashtag on twitter today. Here is a taste. These are not isolated experiences, now, are they? There are hundreds of more tweets just like these! … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Reframe your insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep is a very common complaint. Mindfulness can help but one must first radically revision the nature of the problem. People tend to get into a negative feedback loop with insomnia: Not getting to sleep leads to worry, leads to further difficulty sleeping, leads to more worry, leads to…. What to do? One possibility is to start thinking about the night in a different way. This is a conceptual reframing, a profoundly different paradigm regarding the issue of sleep. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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