Breakdown to breakthrough says, Dr. Dan Fisher (psychiatrist who overcame a schizophrenia diagnosis)

Dan Fisher says, those of us who've experienced psychosis and other extreme states are the ones who need to be running the mental health system. Amen, that is the truth and what is now happening in the name of care and treatment is a travesty. We've got a mental illness system, not a mental health system. Why not speak to those who have truly and deeply become healthy. Yes, like Dan Fisher. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Environmental toxins and poor health: pharmaceuticals are part of the toxic stew we live in

I consider my illness and that of many with protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes to be, in large part, one of environmental toxicity...drugs and all the crap in the air and processed foods we eat...etc...leading to chronic illness, yes. Pharmaceuticals put me seriously over the edge...but this can happen to people who've not taken massive doses of prescribed neurotoxins too. I have come to know a lot about those with chronic illness through my networking online. Pharmaceuticals often make people's issues much more complicated. This is why I write so much about food and the environment. This is how we are deeply holistic and part of the ecosystem and all that which is around us. Like I like to say, everything matters. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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