Beginning Qi Gong exercises…

I took my first Qi Gong class a couple of days ago. I had to sit out for half of it since I wasn't having a great day physically, but I loved it and I sat through the whole thing to listen when I couldn't practice. So I started my new year, first thing in the morning with a Qi Gong video from youtube I found of opening beginning Qi Gong exercises. Wow. Really powerful. Don't be deceived by how simple and easy it looks. It's clearly moving energy in the body in a way I was not used to. In fact the class I took the other day seemed to open me up to additional trauma clearing as well. Powerful stuff. Practice mindfully please as it clearly moves energy. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

The Mask You Live In: boys and men are harmed in the patriarchy too

“Man-up!” “Stop crying!” “Pick yourself up!” Don’t be a pussy!” “Stop with the emotion!” “Don’t let anyone disrespect you.” "Bros before hoes.” “Get laid!” “Don’t let a woman run your life.” “Grow some balls!” “Man-Up!” These expressions are amongst the most damaging phrases we say to our young boys on a daily basis, according to a new hard-hitting documentary exploring American masculinity in society, Upworthy [3] reported. “The Mask You Live In” by The Representation Project [4] explains how the way we have constructed the idea of masculinity in the United States doesn’t give young boys a way to feel secure in their masculinity, so instead, they are forced to go out and prove it. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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