Beginning Qi Gong exercises…

qigong-yin-yangI took my first Qi Gong class a couple of days ago. Well, I did take some Qi Gong classes many years ago as well before the (psych drug) iatrogenic illness that has kept me mostly homebound for so long. This class felt like a first in any case given my rehabilitation process. I had to sit out for half of it since I wasn’t having a great day physically, but I loved it and I sat through the whole thing to listen when I couldn’t practice.

So I started my new year, yesterday, first thing in the morning with a beginning Qi Gong video from youtube I found of opening beginning Qi Gong exercises. Wow. Really powerful. Don’t be deceived by how simple and easy it looks. It’s clearly moving energy in the body in a way I was not used to. In fact the class I took the other day seemed to open me up to additional trauma clearing as well. Powerful stuff.

Practice mindfully please as it clearly moves energy in a powerful way.

Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei 19th Generation Successor, Chen style Taijiquan
One of the Four Diamonds (Buddha’s Attendants) of Chen Taiji. These movements are from silk reeling, but they can be found in most internal martial arts systems. The teacher goes in to standing post qigong afterwards.

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