I want burning: voice of longing

Coleman Barks does intuitive interprative translations of Rumi into American English. His work is truly lovely. Experience thirteenth-century mystical poet Rumi as you never have before—through the resonant, whiskey-and-syrup voice of Coleman Barks, a preeminent poet, scholar, and celebrated interpreter of Rumi's work. He is bard in the truest sense of the word. Coleman's extraordinary... Continue Reading →

A story about not being able to keep my mouth shut

I got to the pharmacy and got in line behind the one other person there. He was asking about generic drugs. He told the pharmacist he had taken the last refill and it didn't feel right so he checked the bottle and noticed he'd been given a generic in place of his usual brand name blood pressure medicine. He asked the pharmacist, could it be that it's not the same? The pharmacist immediately, without even a moments hesitation, told the customer that generics were just the same as the brand name. I initially bit my tongue, but he went on and on uttering complete B.S. about the wonders of generic drugs. I had to say something. … [click on title to read the rest]

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