The Obsessive Joy Of Autism

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I am autistic. I can talk; I talked to myself for a long time before I would talk to anyone else. My sensory system is a painful mess, my grasp on language isn’t always the best, and it takes me quite some time to process social situations. I cannot yet live on my own or manage college or relationships successfully. I can explain, bemoan, and wish away a lot of things about me and my autism: my troubles finding the right words to say what I really mean, my social processing lag and limits, my rubbery facial expressions, my anxiety, my sensory system’s dysfunctions, my brain’s tendency to get stuck in physical self-destruct mode and land me in the ER. I can complain about the suckiness of being socialized and educated as an autistic and as an outsider, about lack of supports and understanding and always needing to educate.


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De-escalating folks when psychotic or potentially violent

I have a few stories I've written about within the context of other posts of times I've deescalated people who might have otherwise become violent. I'm sharing them here just so that people can see what is possible and why I know that we can do much better than we do in many circumstances where people end up being re-traumatized unnecessarily. People are afraid when they act out this way. Meeting them with fear and violence will often backfire. Finding a way to connect is instead healing, for everyone involved. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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