Changing the way we raise kids is the only long-term path to peace (and sanity)

color painted child handI like the below quote. Kids need to learn how to grow up paying attention to their bodies, minds, and spirits. As it is now we are all gravely disconnected from each other and all of creation. If we can heal this fundamental issue it would impact all of life and the lives of all other beings and the planet. This is the key to everything. And we’re all in it together. We are the village and it takes the whole village.

We need to take a leap of the imagination and envision nations as the best kinds of families the democratic ones we are trying to create in our own lives. A hierarchical family must be changed anyway if we are to stop producing leaders whose unexamined early lives are then played out on a national and international stage… But changing the way we raise children is the only long-term path to peace or arms control, and neither has ever been more crucial. As the feminist adage says, The personal is political. — Gloria Steinem


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